The Flora Fountain sits at the guts of the 5 way highway intersection in Mumbai's busy enterprise district in southwest India. The fountain was erected in 1864 and depicts, in stone, the Roman Goddess, Flora. Flora could be the goddess of bouquets and the spring time. She signifies renewal and rebirth. Water flows from Flora's outstretched hands to… Read More

The Jeanneke Pis Fountain is located in Brussels, Belgium. The fountain depicts a woman boy or girl, in pigtails, squatting although relieving herself. She's sitting again on her feet and seems for being enjoying the moment. The Jeanneke Pis Fountain, like Manneken Pis, correctly shows an universal human encounter - never ever failing to entertain … Read More

A totem is any animal, no matter if pure or legendary in mother nature, to whom you do have a near affinity with as part of your life time or in a few periods of your daily life. It is a spirit being whose Power speaks to you in a fashion that is definitely appropriate in your special character or to your daily lifeÕs conditions.Absolutely everyon… Read More